DS Features - Overview

List the Top Features of you product in WordPress! This is a simple plugin, that makes it easier to maintain lists of information or one or more bulleted list throughout in WordPress.

Most plugins we have tested is very unfriendly to maintain when you have many features to list. And you need to edit the content in different ways that is difficult to maintain and administer with time. They look great, but information is kind of hard-coded.

Best features

The script makes a simple new database table with features and you can attach each feature to a category (native WordPress post/page category). Using a shortcode in your post or page, it will list all your products best features.


You can edit all entries without thinking about markup/html-coding. Add features in seconds and...


If you want to change an element to come after another one, just change the Sort number for that...


  • WordPress (of course)
  • Font-awesome-script on the front-end (to display icons)

How to use

Just upload the zip file from WordPress-plugins.

You can activate categories for Pages in addition to posts if you want to show features on Pages and not only on Posts/blogs. This way, you can have several lists, one on each product/page by adding a shortcode in your page/post.

Icons: As long as you have Bootstrap 3/4 or/and use Font Awesome, you can start adding features to your webpage. Font Awesome is free and you can include it on your webspage by adding a simple code to your page.

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