DS Inventory - Manual


In order to install the program on your own server, you need these things installed.
  1. PHP 7 and MariaDB (MySQL)
  2. Linux Webserver
  3. Debugging in php-turned off
In most cases, this program can run on shared hosting platform.

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Program is installed with a few easy steps. Download the zip to your local computer and upload all files to your webhost. Create a new database and user using cPanel, DirectAdmin or manually on a platform of your choice. Keep this information at hand during install.

Steps to install

  1. Navigate to yourdomain.com/mng/install.php.
  2. Accept terms and conditions by clicking Next.
  3. State DB-user/password and DB-hostname, click Next.
  4. If all is OK, click Next and you will be done.
If you receive any error-messages during this process, please contact support and do a screenshot. Admin-area will be at https://yourdomain.com/mng/ and default user/pass is "admin".

After login

We reccomend you to create locations, categories, type of equipment (laptop, server, ipad etc) and a few tags before you add stuff. This is because it will pre-filled values that is usefull.

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